Bar : O’neil – Brewpub

Adress : 20 rue des Canettes

Bar : Café Six

Adress : 19 rue des Canettes

Bar : Pousse au Crime – Discotheque

Adress : 15 rue Guisarde

Bar : Birdland Café – Bar

Adress : 8 rue Guisarde

From the hotel : 450 meters – 5 minutes walking

On the top floor of the hotel is a unique apartment. The suite is decorated with old fashion way painted walls and it has sumptuous wooden beams, a sign of the old mansion’s character. Cross the living room and open the windows. You’ll discover a...
These rooms are specially designed so that the whole family can take advantage of a perfect stay in the heart of Paris. These rooms are sufficiently spacious for everyone to be comfortable what the hotel always strives for. Your room is a veritable soft...
In your warm, spacious room with its exposed beams and vibrant colors, you can take advantage of an intimate break in the middle of the bustling capital city with its infinite number of things to do. As you look out the window with your hand caressing...

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